As a designer and psychologist, I have realised over 100 projects to inspire mindset and actions. I offer management, research, applications, consulting and teaching for clients and collaborators in education, business as well as health.

I direct transdisciplinary projects for social innovation

At the intersection of academia, industry and society, I create experiences with multisensory dimensions. This improves attention and memory as well as communication and relations in general.

I examine external and internal factors for social change

My research interests are sensory perceptions and cognitive processes related to experiences of (dis)comfort; and how these shape individual behaviour, interpersonal exchange and institutional structures.

I transform data into practical applications for social health

Based on quantitative and qualitative research results, I make everyday life more comfortable. My analogue and digital solutions have proven to reduce stress, anxiety and conflicts at work, in private and the public.

I support individuals, teams and organisations for social development

To optimise quality and processes, I implement transdisciplinary and multisensory strategies. I look at and respond to perception, attitudes and decision-making by combining methods and tools from science and art.

I develop educational programmes and public formats for social inclusion

In my work, I let the audience discover themselves and their surrounding. My concepts and workshops have led to access, interaction and participation. This makes connections stronger.