Debora Dax

As a designer and psychologist with a great affinity for data and media, I offer research, applications, consulting, teaching and management. Interested in the intersection of academia, business and society, I have promoted over 100 projects to inspire mindset and actions.

I examine individual comfort and discomfort for social innovation

Using my imagination and creativity from both science and art, I seek for novelty with benefits for education, business and health. My research interests are sensory perceptions and cognitive processes related to experiences of (dis)comfort; and how these shape individual behaviour, interpersonal exchange and institutional structures.

I transform data into applications for social health

Based on quantitative and qualitative data, I optimise perception and quality in everyday life. To do this, I look at the range from highly comfortable to highly discomfortable experiences. My analogue and digital solutions have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety and conflicts in private and professional life.

I implement strategic consulting for social change

For clients and collaborators, I transfer my expertise of social, situational and spatial (dis)comfort in other areas of research and application. I look at and respond to contemporary issues and complex challenges from various angles. My analytical and conceptual approach enabled deeper insights and new opportunities with added value.

I develop educational programmes and public formats for social inclusion

My work has led to access, interaction and participation. Such learning experiences can influence perception, attitudes and decision-making. Subsequently, this helps to overcome societal challenges like misconception or prejudice, leading to constructive dialogues, new perspectives and and social connections.

I direct multidisciplinary projects for social development

Bringing hybrid skills and work ethic from psychology and design, I explore the possible and make it happen. Therefore, I support projects of multidisciplinary groups and manage initiatives with multisensory dimensions. This promotes knowledge exchange, equality and sustainability.