Debora Dax

By combing psychology and design, Debora aims to improve people's experiences. Questions, she is often asked related to her approach and offerings:

Why design and psychology?

Using my interdiciplinary background, I engage audiences with innovative concepts and consultancy. Often, these suggestions and solutions have multisensory dimensions. My analytical and conceptual approach has led to both access, engagement and also resonance from diverse interest groups.

What exactly do you do?

As a designer and psychologist I examine how target groups perceive, use and respond to products, services or spaces. Also, I can transform research findings into novel applications for audiences. Based on quantitative and qualitative data, I provide analogue as well as digital interventions for users, clients and companies.

An example, when your approach is needed?

My outcomes have shown to reduce conflicts, stress and anxiety in private and professional life. I examine subjective values and social trends that can affect developments in education, business or health. Always aiming to make experiences more comfortable.

Who benefits from your work?

I develops multimedia tools (i.e. workshops, services, spaces) for exchange and culture change. My projects have inspired creativity and communication in others, as well as improved group performance and sustainable development.