Debora Dax

As a designer (BA) and psychologist (MSc), I develop interventions that strengthen connections, increase comfort and provoke change. To clients and collaborators, I offer research, applications, consulting and direction. To do this, I apply methods and tools from my interdisciplinary background.

Scientific research

I explore internal and external factors that promote social health. I create empatic experiences that address individual needs and sensitiv topics. My way of questioning in qualitative interviews and quantitative survey can addres sensitive topics.

My scientific research offers approaches with interactive and imagined dimensions.

performance and interaction performance and resilience performance and resilience

Innovative applications

I transform qualitative and quantitative data into concepts that foster social innovation. Hereby, I create experience that let the audience identify and interact with the content. This has lead to opportunities and equality.

My innovative applications offers solutions with analogue and digital dimensions.

attention and resilience resilience and equality.

Strategic consultancy

I support companies and teams with concept that foster with social change. Hereby, I create experience that let the audience react and respond to the content. This has lead to access and process.

My strategic consultancy offers insights with cognitive and aesthetic dimensions.

Creative direction

I direct project management and educational formats that foster social development. Hereby, I create experiences that let the audience discover a new aspect about themselves and others. This has lead to participation and inclusion.

My creative directions offers outcomes with physical and social dimensions.

participation and inclusion.