Neither right nor wrong - An integrative art education programme focussing on adolescents’ self-reflection through Art and Design Practice (Project in Preparation)

Keywords: Education, Programme, Adolescents, Attention, Performance

"Self-disovery, discovriy of my interets, what fascinazion, what drives me

Whereas in most school subjects there is a right or wrong anwers. Art and design practice is a subject where this is not. It is up to students to

Learning. This projects aims to enhance this valuable process that can possibility. An integrative art education project

Debora is currently working on an integrative art education programme aiming to enhance learning processes.

series of multisensory interventions related to body and mind for Future Long Length Space Missions (LLSM).

Debora is elaborating ways on how to foster self-reflection, self-monotoring.

Attention, Performance

How do we develop opinion, stand up for, make sense to our (social) environment.

Art practice and design practice is the only school subjects where students are not given a right or wrong answer.

In art practice and design practices students have to make their own observations, conlusins and further discisssions. These are valuable skills that are needed. Inclusing: explain a viewpoint, reflect the own actions, materialse a thought, present to others, postion to the outside world

Currently, Debora invest in a programme to strenghen the abilities that cna be leand in this subjects. Especially,

Also, the programms in an attempt to give cretaice and artistic disciplines a higher value within society. Not as an abstract thought that only belongs tp some. But abilities that everybody can learn.