Interplanetary Mission - Design concepts and artistic proposals for Future Long Length Space Missions (LLSM) in collaboration with Benjamin Pothier a Mission Commander at LunAres habitat (2020 -)

Photography: Benjamin Pothier


Science, Multidisciplinary, Intervention, Isolation, Performance, Resilience


Together with Benjamin Pothier, an analogue astronaut and fellow International of the Explorers Club, Debora is currently working on a series of multisensory interventions related to body and mind for Future Long Length Space Missions (LLSM).

The team is researching on design concepts and artistic proposals to increase human performance as well as resilience in what NASA calls I.C.E (Isolated, Confined and Extreme) Environments that will be useful for future interplanetary missions to the Moon or Mars as well as back on Earth in our current COVID-19 situation and climate change.


In February 2021, Benjamin Pothier, the designated Mission Commander of an international crew of six analogue astronauts who will live in isolation and confinement at LunAres habitat, a Moon mission simulation base built on a repurposed nuclear bunker on a former military airport in Poland, will field test the duo's multisensory interventions during his participation to the mission.

Photography: Benjamin Pothier