Debora holds a MSc in the Psychology of Social Relations (Goldsmiths, University of London, UK) and a BA in Media and Culture (Design Academy Eindhoven, NL).

With great enthusiasm, she uses her interdisciplinary background to foster knowledge exchange as well as to provide new perspectives in everyday life. Always aiming to create tangible experiences for audiences leading to changes in mindset and behaviour. To do this, Debora applies an integrative approach and creates holistic interventions to provoke self-reflection, interpersonal interactions, societal change.

Debora has been working in research and education (Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, The Institute of Sociocultural Development), health and support (Adullam hospital and geriatric centre), economy and communication (Schwarzkopf Professional, Division of Henkel & Cie. AG) innovation and interaction (Waag, Technology and Society). Moreover, she has been providing consultancy, concepts and programmes for clients in fields ranging from private businesses to public institutions. For instance, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Restaurant C, Marenrol’s, Sandra Forrer, imagine, terre des hommes, The Van Eyck and The Delft Institute of Positive Design.

The designer and psychologist has lived in three countries and speaks six languages. At the age of 17, Debora accompanied a person who is blind and deaf to a travel abroad. This moment sensitised her to the perception of our body, surroundings and reality. Every since, individual needs and social aspects are key in her work. Debora initiated and supported over 100 projects for diverse target groups such as elderly, children, adolescents, interns, couples, women, residents, communities or astronauts.

Her research interests are sensory perceptions and cognitive processes related to experiences of (dis)comfort; and how these shape individual behaviour and institutional structures. In her current collaborations, Debora investigates the role of subjective values and societal trends that can have an impact on development in education, the economy or public health.

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