I hold a MSc in the Psychology of Social Relations (Goldsmiths, University of London) and a BA in Media and Culture (Design Academy Eindhoven).

What is my work about?

In my work, I combine scientific findings with artistic translations to engage with groups of people. It is my passion to create tangible experiences that increase comfort, strengthen connections and provoke change. To achieve this, I offer concepts, communication and consulting services for clients in the fields of education, business and health.

Over 10 years of experience in applying an integrative approach and developing holistic interventions. I initiated and supported more than 100 projects with multisensory dimensions. Always aiming to inspire mindset and action.

Why psychology and design?

Both designer and psychologist aim to improve the quality of everyday life. I bring hybrid skills as well as work ethic from science and art. Thus, I look at and respond to contemporary issues and complex challenges from various angles, methods and disciplines. In my work, instead of treating the symptoms of a problem, I offer innovative solutions to the root cause. My analytical and conceptual approach has produced significant differences and new perspectives for a variety of stakeholders.

Who are my clients?

Clients from the private as well as from the public sectors, have benefited from my innovative concepts, communication and consulting, e.g. Zurich University of the Arts, The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Marenrol’s, Restaurant C, Sandra Forrer, Wildwuchs, Imagine, Terre des hommes, Van Eyck, The Delft Institute of Positive Design.

When is your approach needed?

My research interests are sensory perceptions and cognitive processes related to experiences of (dis)comfort; and how these shape individual behaviour, interpersonal exchange and institutional structures. By looking at the range from highly comfortable to highly uncomfortable moments in everyday life, my outcomes have shown to reduce stress, anxiety, conflicts in private and professional life. That is why I am drive to bring this expertise of bodily, spatial, situational as well social (dis)comfort in other areas. Especially, as this benefits social relations and development change.

Who am I?

Born in Switzerland (1990), I have lived in three countries and speak six languages. I have been working in research and education (HSLU), business and marketing (Henkel), consulting and innovation (FOND Design), health and care (Adullam), society and technology (Waag).

Where is my work presented?

My projects have been exhibited internationally: e.g. at Amsterdam Museum, Dutch Design Week, Filmtheater Kriterion, Fashionclash, TranScreen Film Festival, Jerusalem Design Week. Also, published online as well as offline: e.g. Het Parool, TransMagazine, Dezeen.

Moreover, I was invited as a guest lecturer, workshop facilitator or conference speaker to share my innovative approach with the public, e.g. by The Art of Management and Organizations, Fontys University of Applied Sciences University Fontys, PechaKucha, FuckUp Night global movement, Delf Institute of Positive Design.

How are my projects funded?

My initiatives are supported by art, design, film and media grants. Also, I received grants from from local, social and cultural funding partners: e.g. Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt, Amsterdam Funds for the Arts (AFK), Het Bob Angelo Fonds, The Next Economy.

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